What is Table Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga massage combines massage and body positions that usually have yoga names. The practitioner moves the clients into these positions while performing compressions, cross fiber and circular friction. All movements are made by the practitioner so the client's muscles are passive. It is not "lazy man's yoga".


Why is meditation important in Thai Yoga Massage?

Meditation is important in all massage modalities. I am not referring to sitting cross-legged and chanting. Meditation during massage is simply paying attention to your own movements and the responses to your touch elicited from the client. Meditation helps you perform the massage your client needs by using the postures the tissue requires.


What is worn during a session?

Both the client and practitioner should wear loose fitting or stretch clothing. Sweat pants are ideal. The main consideration is ease of movement without restrictions. Shorts and hooded tops should be avoided. The practitioner must look professional.